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EIDL Grant and PPP Loan Update. 

What you need to know.  There is still money for your business

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A Blueprint for a Safe

Retail Operation

For Retailers

The Kroger Company, the United States' largest supermarket by revenue, the second-largest general retailer. recently published a manual on best practices for safely operating a retail store during and post COVID-19
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Learn what traditional banks, investors and alternative lenders are looking for. Other topics include (a) establishing credit (b) money management and (c) retirement planning.


Find out about business and FREE money opportunities.

Entrepreneurs understand that success requires lifelong learning. Step up your game; take an online course.

You’ve made the investment in time and money to get your business certified as a minority and/or local business. Now discover what opportunities are available to you.  THIS MODULE IS FOR M/WBE AND LBE CERTIFIED ENTERPRISES. Non-certified businesses can go to the Business Startup Essentials module to find out how to get your certification.


Got an idea for a business?  Get your business off on the right footing. Learn what essential documents you will need to make your enterprise legitimate.


Boost revenues through effective marketing, promotions and sales tips

Can’t attend a workshop or seminar? Watch the videotape of the event at your convenience.

Find organizational tips and best practices to save time and make you a more effective entrepreneur.

Stay informed on what’s going on in the local and national business community.


Learn how to start and maintain a secondary income in this "gig economy"... Or simply turn your hobby  into a revenue generator.


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